Sector: Residential
Year: 2022
Project: Kitchen Extension & Loft Conversion

WALTHAM FOREST Westshore Chartered Building Design

While respecting the heritage of the past, rear extensions offer a fresh perspective on spatial design. They open up possibilities for more natural light, seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, and a heightened connection to the surrounding environment.

In a world where space is a precious commodity, these extensions offer a solution that transcends the traditional, offering a marriage of functionality and aesthetics.

The owners of this Victorian home wanted to transform their tiny gallery kitchen into an open-plan kitchen extension. They also wanted to convert the unused loft into an additional bedroom and bathroom, which led them to extend both outwards and upwards.

Our team provided with:

  • Architectural advice and design.
  • Structural engineering for all the works.
  • Design of the new roofs and skylight support structures.
  • Details and specifications of the building envelope.