Great Designs start Here

Great Designs start Here

Step into our community of inspired minds, where our engineering and architectural energy come to life.

We're a dynamic team dedicated to deliver construction expertise. With innovative solutions, creativity, and precision, we craft timeless designs.


Meet Westshore, a dynamic Chartered Building Design Practice. Based in the heart of London, we have a global reach spanning the UK, EU, and US.

We specialise in Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial projects.

Bring a fresh perspective to all your projects.



Our work speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. To date we have delivered on over 1200 construction schemes. With each project our experience got stronger.

The driving force behind this success is our team of passionate Engineers and Architects. All talented professionals, they work tirelessly to deliver a world class design service to our Clients.

Between us, we have amassed more than 30 years of experience in design and engineering.

Lastly it is the scale of our designs. Taken together, the value of the properties, projects and other works we have designed would now exceed the £1.5Bn* mark.

*Measured in average Total Property Value